Nargess Amini

Nargess is a PhD student at École Polytechnique de Montréal and her project is about developing a novel method to remove contaminants from drinking water by taking advantage of what is used to be considered as a disadvantage and deterrent. Beside her participation in various academic activities and collaborating in holding conferences and scientific booths for several years of her studying, as Nargess is graduated in Hydraulic Structure Engineering, she has years of work experience in different fields as water specialist, hydraulic structure designer and environmental assessor for almost 7 years and has been the vise chairman of board of directors of a PJS Company continuously prior to her immigration. Nargess is willing to make positive changes not only in the environment but any fields that could result to improvement of people’s life quality and bring awareness worldwide.

Hasan Ayouby 

Hasan Ayouby is a PhD student at Concordia University in Montreal joined the program in January 2015. His research interests include Earthquake Engineering, Structural Dynamics, and Structural Health Monitoring.

His current work focus on the seismic assessment of existing stone masonry structures that represent an important portion of the Canadian construction through modeling and experimental lab works. On campus he volunteers in different associations related to social, educational, and administrative topics such as UNICEF, Let’s Talk Science, and International Student Office. Being part of IC-IMPACTS and the competition gives me a great motive to work on relevant subjects through team work and provide all my expertise in my domain of studies to come out with a great workshop.

Parsa Bandamiri

Parsa is an Anatomy & Cell Biology student at McGill University. Currently, he is working on a research regarding human-based structural health monitoring. He is also the co-founder and co-president of MATIN (Montreal Assists Those In Need) foundation. In the meantime, he has been volunteering in many different hospitals and retirement residences in Toronto while being the volunteer team leader for emergency section of MUHC in Montreal. He has also worked for UNICEF and S.P.A in Montreal as head of the executive team for fundraising.

He is assisting the global and public health criteria of the workshop through his experiences with medical shadowing in North America (Canada and U.S.), Germany and Iran. In addition, he has worked with various public health institutions in distinctive hospitals across a developing and third world country such as Iran in two different cities of Tehran and Shiraz.

Pardise Elmi

Pardise Elmi is a full time first year student attending McGill University, where she is majoring in Kinesiology (the study of human kinetics). Her passion for life sciences and medicine arose in Vancouver, where she was born and raised. In hope to attend Medical School and pursue a future in this field after receiving her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Pardise intends to broaden her scope of medicine by becoming involved with research, workshops, hospital work, and other first-hand experiences. Her recent activities include many hours of volunteering in multiple facilities such as senior homes and studying first aid. Aside from the academic aspect of her life, she enjoys playing competitive volleyball, playing music, and is trying to become fluent in French and sign language.

Shahab Hajzamani

Shahab is currently studying masters in Geomechanical Engineering at the Department of Mining and Materials of McGill University. His bachelor was completed in Civil Engineering at McGill University with minor in Transportation and Geotechnical Engineering. His current focus is mainly on mining backfill improvements and utilizing Numerical Modeling methods which models the soil and structure interactions. He received Bill Graham award along with being a member of Golden Key student honor society. Along with academic background, Shahab has worked for almost a year in construction field of town houses in the city of Toronto.

Charles N. Igwe

Charles is a doctorate research student at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. His research interest is in the area of lean construction where he hopes to develop a lean construction model for infrastructure highway projects. Over the last ten years, he has obtained a master’s degree in engineering project management from Coventry University in the United Kingdom where he graduated with a distinction. Prior to the commencement of his doctorate he was actively involved in the construction industry and held the position of the deputy project manager for a multi-million dollar building project in Nigeria.

Charles possesses practical knowledge and experience with planning and managing complex projects and will bring his project management skills to ensuring the workshop is properly executed.

Shervin Khazaeli 

Shervin is a PhD student at Concordia University. His research encompasses three areas: Human Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence (HI-AI) Solutions for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) in Light of Cloud Computing Services, Computational Mechanics and Geomechanics, and Static and Dynamic Mixed Boundary Value Problem (MBVP).

In addition to his research, Shervin has experience leading university students and engineers within academia and industry. At university, he has led students for different competitions and is now mentoring master and PhD students. Outside the university, he is collaborating with a company working on innovative approaches to monitor civil structures. His primary motivations for joining the team can be summarized by the following quote: “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success”. (Henry Ford)

Zhujun Lan

Zhujun Lan is an M.A.Sc student in building engineering at Concordia University in Montreal. Her research is focusing on building energy performance, fluid dynamics simulation and building energy simulation. Prior to her master degree, she had a Bachelor degree of Building Environment and Energy Application from Southwest Petroleum University, China.

In her academic experience, she is skilled in scheming out the model of fluid especially indoor air as well as building energy. Additionally, she gained corporation and negotiation skills from previous experience. She is also working as a volunteer in MTL team of Solar Decathlon Competition 2017. She has the ambition in fields of water resources, public health and environment and hope make contributions to the workshop using her knowledges.

Wanda Stamford
UNICEF Concordia President

Wanda is a full time first year student at Concordia University. Her current major is Community, Public Affairs and Policy Studies but she is transferring to International Business in the Fall, she is also the president of the UNICEF Concordia Association. Wanda was born and raised in Brazil, where she developed an interest for community development and volunteer work.
After moving to the United States, she became an avid volunteer. Volunteering for the American Red Cross, public libraries and as an English Teacher, while leading fundraisers as the president of a Rotary International branch. Her biggest fundraiser was to rescue girls from slavery and trafficking through Sower of Seeds International. She also founded a club to tutor English and assist students from different backgrounds adapt to the American School System.
In addition, Wanda speaks Portuguese, Spanish and is learning French. She believes in the power of teamwork and is eager to contribute to the workshop in all ways she can.

Ying Sun

Ying Sun is an M.A.Sc student of building engineering at Concordia University, Montreal. Her research interests concern building thermal simulation and optimization of HVAC system. In addition to her research, she was awarded the “Design Excellence Award” in the 14th session of design application competition of MDV central air-conditioning in 2016. Moreover, she obtained a patent in China for a new solar energy refrigerating and heating system based on energy storage. She is also familiar with new media operation and has a solid knowledge about Photoshop. Throughout her study in Canada and China, she had a lot of volunteering experiences in different events. She is eager to contribute her knowledge and experiences to the team.

Alireza Torkaman

Alireza is an MSc student in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering) at Concordia University. His research interest areas include numerical methods, computational analysis, structural dynamics, and structural health monitoring. He has also obtained a MSc from IUST in Hydraulics Engineering.

In addition to his academic background, He is experienced in designing and modelling structures, and quality control consultant of steel structure’s design. He was also a Teacher Assistant during his previous graduate study at Iran University of Science and Technology.

Yudong Wang

Yudong Wang currently is an M.A.Sc student at Concordia University. His research concentrates on seismic assessment of steel structures, particularly in steel moment resisting frame systems. Prior to his master degree, he has obtained a B.Eng degree at Concordia University, Montreal in civil engineering option infrastructure, and a B.Eng degree at Hunan University, China in civil engineering. In addition, he has worked as a volunteer in some extracurricular activities through his study at Concordia University. Within his academic career, he has gained substantial knowledge in structural design, dynamic analysis, etc. He believes that teamwork is overpowerd, and he is willing to be devoted to contribute to the team.

Bowen Xu 

Bowen Xu is a MSC student of civil engineering option water resources in Concordia University, Montreal. At present, he focuses on modeling ice-covered rivers as his research domain. In Winter 2015, Bowen graduated from Concordia University with the bachelor degree of civil engineering option environmental engineering with distinction. During the study in Concordia, he accomplished couples of in-course projects with high scores, obtained the 2nd place prize of Concordia Engineering Competition in 2015, and volunteered in many extracurricular activities.

After graduation, he passed LEED Green Associate exam on August 2015, and LEED BD+C exam on February 2016. He is also a member of OIQ as a junior engineer. Throughout the study and training, he has obtained solid knowledge in environmental engineering, sustainable development and technical writing. He is extremely willing to contribute his knowledge, training and experience to the team and serve as a valuable team member.

Adam Ziabari 

Adam is an Anatomy & Cell Biology student at McGill University. This past summer he spent four months in Barbados conducting research on Type 1 diabetes – an epidemic within the Bajan population. He also organized fundraising campaign in Tehran, Iran, and led a group of volunteers in building a library for inhabitants of the Semnan province.

Ali Salehi 

Ali is a recent graduate of University of British Columbia with his bachelor in Civil Engineering and his masters in Construction and Project Management. Ali’s field experience varies from working as a project engineer overseeing removal and overhaul of gas turbine engines on an offshore tanker on the coast of South East China to working as a field engineer and a structural designer on residential constructions in the Lower Mainland. He is currently working as an Engineer-In-Training working toward his P.Eng. He is expecting to become a licensed professional engineer in 2018.

Special thanks to previous contributors:

P. Rahimi, C. Bojanowski, F. Sehati, S. Khazaeli, A. pilorgé, T. Baran, A. Sabamehr, L. Manolache